Looking for a place to rent in Vancouver? - try using padmapper

Looking for a place to rent in Vancouver? 

Try using a rental search mapper. It's basically a mashup of craigslist mixed with google maps. 
It simplifies the tedious task of finding an apartment and makes it more enjoyable.

Go ahead give it shot :)

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Meetup Calendar - events for language exchange

What is a Meetup Event?
A Meetup Group hosts Meetups, which are face to face meetings that happen in real life between members and organizers. The purpose of a Meet up is help people find others who share the same interest in your local area.

To make finding events easier, I added local language exchange Meetup events to a calendar so you can easily view which events are happening each day of the month. 

Click the group link on the calendar to view more information about the event.

Vancouver Calendar of Events

View events happening in Vancouver on the Calendar below. Click on the event to view more information. 

Vancouver Reddit

Find out whats going on in Vancouver on the Reddit feed